Los Tigres Baseball

Los Tigres Baseball


 Los Tigres Baseball teams are lead by Rafael Gross, and run through The Dugout Baseball Academy.  The purpose of Los Tigres teams is to provide athletes the opportunity for professional baseball training by a unique group of former college and Dominican MLB players, using the same methods of training techniques and player development with fundamentals and skills that the coaches have acquired through their time in the college and the Dominican, as amateur athletes, and throughout their professional careers in the MLB.  They continue their Dominican tradition of teaching the young, taught to them by the players of the Dominican before them, to prepare each player for an elite level of baseball, in preparation for high school and beyond.  

Los Tigres Coaching Staff


 Los Tigres coaches believe it takes a team to train a team.  For that reason, they use their individual playing experience and expertise in the positions they played throughout their careers, to teach and train their athletes on the field.

Coach Manny Mejia - Catching, Infielder 

Coach Jusef Frias - Pitcher, Infield

Coach Wilmy Marrero - Infield, Outfield

Coach Jesse Holiday - Pitcher, Infield

Coach Jose Cabreja - Infield, Outfield

Coach Rafael Gross - Pitching, Infield, Outfield

Los Tigres Training & Development


Los Tigres players are from all over the greater Houston area, as well as other areas of Texas.  Players for Los Tigres have had the opportunity to represent their respective little leagues at state, regional and Little League World Series tournaments; their respective high schools at local and state levels; and at regional and national events for USA Baseball.  

The success of the players could only be made possible by the  dedication of the players and coaches, and the fantastic baseball families we have been blessed to work with.  

It truly makes Los Tigres teams one of a kind. 

Los Tigres 2019 Team Rosters


16U Class of 2021 Team Roster

Jack Ben-Shoshan     (St. Johns HS)

Gunnar Brown            (Episcopal HS)

Blake Compton      

Seth Davis                    (Pearland HS)

Alex Diaz                      (Episcopal HS)

Raffi Gross                   (Episcopal HS)

Marco Gutierrez         (Episcopal HS)

Garrett Johnson.        (Ridge Point HS)

Nicholas Kapusta.      (Xavier)

Nelson Klein                (Lutheran South Academy)

Connor Lee                  (Dawson HS)

Zack Mack                   (Dawson HS)

Luis Quintero              (Shadow Creek HS)

Kyle Roosa                   (Ridge Point HS)

Kirk Waller                   (St. Johns HS)

13U Class of 2024 Team Roster

Clarke Dillard

Joseph Garcia

Ethan Goldstein

Andy Guy

Eddie Kalmin

Adam Katz

Will Lieke

Jacob Mader-Cooper

Colin Mulcahy

Logan Phillips

Eddie Tamez

Nicholas Russell

9U Team Roster

Austin Cummings

Trey Garza

Matteo Gross

Rome Juarez

Dillon Lam

Aiden Lopez

Wyatt Mann

Amos Paredes

Zachary Shaffer

Terrence Spriggs

Jacob Zurek

ONE Elite 9U spot OPEN.  If you would like to try out for this final spot, please contact Coach Raffi directly, at 281-995-6033, to schedule a private tryout with the coaches at the Dugout Baseball Academy.

DOB: 05/01/2009 - 04/30/2010 or younger

Los Tigres Mission Statement

To deliver consistent, quality coaching, and expert training to every player, while developing each player's baseball fundamentals, skill level, and overall athleticism, allowing them to perform at a high-level of competition on the field.   Los Tigres primary focus is to prepare each player, mentally and physically, while teaching leadership and respect in all facets of the game.  Los Tigres coaches aim to prepare their athletes for high-level, competitive baseball, with the goal of players continuing their success through high school and beyond.  

Los Tigres Tryout Updates