Los Tigres Baseball

Rafael Gross - Manager

 The Dugout Baseball Academy, which opened its doors in 2008, is home to Los Tigres Baseball.  Coach Raffi Gross began training players in the Houston area in 2006, focusing on the fundamentals he was taught as a kid in the Dominican Republic.  He brings his years as a professional player and coach to Los Tigres, ensuring players are optimally prepared for high-level, competitive baseball for young players just entering competitive baseball, through HS baseball, and beyond. 

Los Tigres Coaching Staff

 Los Tigres coaching staff is a unique mix of coaches, who work together with one goal:  preparing and developing their athletes for competitive baseball.  

All former MLB and college players, coaches Wilmy, Jusef and Manny were taught by the same fundamentals, training and development as coach Raffi - the Dominican way. Both coaches Wilmy and Jesse played together through college, before joining the coaching staff.  The coach's ability to translate their expertise into the way they train their athletes allows for consistency throughout the training, development and coaching of our players and teams. 

Los Tigres Training & Development

Los Tigres Baseball is unlike any other organization.  With a strong belief of consistent, intensive training, each team's practices are attended by all Los Tigres coaches, to provide the training and expertise needed to fully develop each player in their specific position(s).  With a coaching staff of former professional pitchers, catchers, and position players, members of Los Tigres are provided an optimal training environment  required for success on the field. 

Tigres News You Can Use...

Los Tigres 14U Fall Team Tryouts August 18th

Los Tigres will be holding tryouts for the 14U Fall team Saturday, August 18th, from 9:30 - 11:30am at Camp Sienna Senior Field.  Registration required - link to register below.

Gutierrez & Gross named to USA Baseball TX Rosters

A HUGE congratulations to 15U Tigres players Marco Gutierrez & Raffi Gross, who were named to USA Baseball's North Texas & South Texas rosters (respectively). Both boys will represent Texas in the USA Baseball tournament in North Carolina August 15th - 19th.  Vamos Tigres!

Tigres Players Prepare for LL Regional Tournament

Los Tigres 12U players from Post Oak Little League continue their quest to represent the Southwest Region in Williamsport.  Good luck at Regionals boys!!

Los Tigres 2021

Los Tigres 15U started their summer season off with a championship win at the Five Tool South Texas Kick-Off, finishing the Spring/Summer season strong.  

Tigres 14U Fall Team Tryouts


Saturday, August 18th

9:30 am - 11:30 am


Camp Sienna Senior Field

7725 Camp Sienna Trl

Missouri City, TX 77459


Elite 14U players

DOB: 5/1/2004 - 4/30/2005

Registration Required

Online & in-person registration available - please arrive 20 minutes if registering in-person.  ALL players will be required to check-in. 

Other Information

Tigres 14U Fall Team will play through early/mid-December in local tournaments, an average of 2 tournaments per month.  

Practice are held during the week (1 day) at the Dugout Baseball Academy, with field practice on weekends the team does not play tournaments.  Additional hitting/focused practices will be at the coaches discretion. 

Team practices for all Tigres teams are run by all Tigres coaches (3-5 coaches/practice), with specialized training from our coaches for hitting, fielding, pitching and catching.  


Please contact us at  los-tigers-baseball@outlook.com 

Los Tigres 2018 Team Rosters

Tigres 2021 Team Roster

J. Ben-Shoshan

G. Brown

D. Castillo

S. Davis

A. Diaz

R. Gross

M. Gutierrez

N. Kapusta

N. Klein

C. Lee

T. Lewitton

J. Lopresto

Z. Mack

K. Roosa

14U Team Roster

Roster to be posted by August 22nd, 2018

13U Team Roster

C. Cummings

C. Dillard

J. Garcia

E. Goldstein

A. Guy

E. Kalmin

W. Lieke

C. Mulcahy

E. Tamez

C. Rook

N. Russell

R. Selvaggi

9U Team Roster

C. Casey

A. Cummings

E. Dieudonne

M. Gross

M. Juarez

C. Kahn

A. Lopez

W. Mann

Z. Shaffer

A. Zimmerhanzel

J. Zurek

Los Tigres Mission Statement

To deliver consistent, quality coaching, and expert training to every player, while developing each player's baseball fundamentals, skill level, and overall athleticism, allowing them to perform at a high-level of competition on the field.   Los Tigres coach's primary focus is to prepare each player, mentally and physically, while teaching leadership and respect in all facets of the game.  Los Tigres coaches aim to prepare their athletes for high-level, competitive baseball, with the goal of players continuing their success through high school and beyond.  

Los Tigres Tryout Updates