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Rafael Gross - Manager

 Los Tigres Baseball is based out of the Dugout Baseball Academy, which opened its doors in 2008.  Coach Raffi Gross began training players in the Houston area, focusing on the fundamentals he was taught as a kid in the Dominican Republic.  He brings his years as a professional player and coach to Los Tigres, ensuring players are optimally prepared for HS baseball and beyond. 

Los Tigres Coaching Staff

 Los Tigres coaching staff is unique from any other.  All former MLB and college players, coaches Wilmy, Jusef and Manny were taught by the same fundamentals, training and development as coach Raffi. The coach's ability to translate their expertise allows for consistency throughout the training, development and coaching of our players and teams. 

Los Tigres Training & Development

Los Tigres Baseball is like no other organization.  The coaching staff of Los Tigres believe in consistent, intensive training for each team.  Practices are attended by all Los Tigres coaching staff, to provide the training and expertise needed to fully develop each player in their position(s).  With a coaching staff of former professional pitchers, catchers, and position players, members of Los Tigres are provided an optimal training environment  needed for success on the field. 

Los Tigres Tryouts 2018

Los Tigres 12U Summer/Fall Teams

Tryouts mid-spring, date/time TBA, to allow players to dedicate their time to their Little League teams/season.

Los Tigres 13U Spring/Summer Team

A. Esquivel      C. Gottfried

R. Josef           C. Kahn

M. Narayan      R. Emde

J. Redding       W. Ryals

J.A. Toney        C. Sloan

D. Yustein        C. Taylor

Vamos Tigres!

Los Tigres 15U/16U Summer/Fall Team

Tryouts mid-spring, date/time TBA.  With the large number of players committed to their high school teams, tryouts will be held at a later date, to allow players to dedicate their time to their teams. 

Los Tigres 2018 Team Tryouts

15U/16U Summer/Fall Team Tryouts:  TBD - Spring 2018  

Due to a large number of players representing their high school teams, we will hold tryouts in the spring.  Our 15U/16U team is a competitive travel team for elite players. More information re: tryout date/time to follow.

12U Summer/Fall Team Tryouts:  TBD - Spring 2018

Los Tigres will be holding tryouts for players coming out of little league, wanting to play at a high level of competition, in preparation for high school baseball.  This team will begin practices and tournaments at the end of the little league season, and continue through the Summer/Fall.  More information re: tryout date/time to follow.

Los Tigres Mission Statement

To provide quality, consistent training and coaching to every player, while providing support and development necessary to prepare the player to perform at a high-level of competition.  Los Tigres' primary focus is to prepare each player for high school baseball and beyond, while teaching the importance of mental preparedness and respect for the game of baseball in all facets of the game. 

Los Tigres 13U

Los Tigres Coaches

Los Tigres 15U

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